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Top 10 Benefits of Charity Sadqah.

Top 10 Benefits of Charity Sadqah. If we give charity to the sake of worship because of Allah SWT, surely increase out faith in him.
Every good deed done sincerely will be rewarded by Allah SWT. This include by giving and doing charity to those in needs.

Surely Allah will give the blessings of better sustenance for the good things we do.

Many research findings prove by doing something positive for others will help to improve immune system of a person.
Spending money on benefit to help others, it will definitely boost the hormones of happiness in our brain.
Gratitude is when we thank Allah for anything we receive. They by giving charity is one way we can thank Allah SWT for all.
Charity prevent us form stingy nature and this nature is very harmful according to this world and here after.
Often we see those who love charity are those who have a fair attitude, and do not dare to take the rights of others.
The practice of charity will keep us from the greedy of the property and the importance of world.
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