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Going Through Tough Times?

Going Through Tough Times?

Know That Every thing Is by the Qadar of Allah. Allah says: “No calamity befalls, but with the Leave i.e. decision and Qadar of Allah, and whoso ever believes in Allah,.He guides his heart to the true Faith with certainty, i.e.. what has be fallen him was already Written for him by Allah from the Qadar]..." Ref: Qur'an 64:11.
Remember that other people have bigger problems than you. Remember the death of the Prophet P.B.U.h the greatest )calamity the Ummah faced. The Prophet Muhammad said: "If one of you is afflicted with a calamity, then let him remember his calamity by me (his death); for indeed, it is the greatest of calamities.“ Ref: Ibn Majah Maybe through this trial, Allah has saved you from an even bigger trial Through this trial Allah will remove some of your sins. The Prophet Muhammad said:“ And calamity will continue to befall a person until he walks on the earth with no sin on him.“
Ref: Tirmidhi 2398 Through this trial Allah has opened up a huge world of ibadah like sabr, salah, repentance, du'aa, etc.. With this trial, Allah is putting you on the path of the Prophets. It is a confirmation that Allah loves you. The more Allah loves somebody, the more He tests them.

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