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5 Things To Do During Lockdown.

Stop wasting time & be more productive Using the time beneficially by
engaging in acts of compulsory and optional acts of worshiplike prayer, fasting, reciting the Qur'an and so

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: “There are two blessings which many people waste: health and free time Source: Sahih al-Bukhar So, with the extra time on our hands, we can benefit from reading and online learning to learn the important Islamic disciplines like Tawheed, Tafseer, Hadeeth, Seerah and so on. We can also utilize this time to learn other skills, crafts, a second language, writing on beneficial things, doing some useful work around the house and so on. Therefore, we should not waste time by spending the whole day watching TV, YouTube or Netflix. Maintaining the ties of kinship The lock down is not an excuse for cutting off contact with our relatives. We can still maintain ties of kinship by calling up our relatives or messaging them through the various platforms which are at our disposal. The Prophet (P.B.U.H)said: "Whoever would like his rizq (provision) to be increased and his life to be extended, should uphold the ties of kinship." Source: Saheeh Muslim, Saheeh al-Bukhari We stand humbled before you, O Allah. You are free of all needs, while we are the needy and the weak! Forgive us, our Lord, and lift this pandemic from the face of the earth. (Aameen)
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